Love Love magazine is an independent print magazine of the Arts. It’s purpose is to publish artists who deserve to be published in a medium that is not online, social media or available only through the medium of a phone.

Love Love magazine offers a space of beauty in a lasting object, that you can hold and keep or show to others. Hang it on your wall, bring it to a party, place it on your coffee table, read it on the metro! 

Its content joins together all new and unpublished work from poets, writers, photographers, collage artists, illustrators from across the world, with a focus on the Paris, New York, California and London scene. The magazine is mostly in English, but presents French work and translations. To promote the first issue I travelled to New York and London, where the magazine is now also sold in bookstores. 

In the second issue Love Love magazine also focuses on interviews of new music groups and artists, the magazine explores the medium of the Photo Novel as well as the art of Astrology. Love Love magazine is currently available in around 10 book stores, in Paris, London and New York, as well as online. For the second issue it should hit many more vending spots.

Some collaborators for the second issue include Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Gerard Malanga (Warhol superstar), Charles Plymell, Ed Sanders (the Fugs), Scarlett Sabet, Tony Notarberadino, Byron Coley, Antonia Alexandra Klimenko and many others to explore!

Lisa draws the cover art for Love Love magazine, but shares the visual arts space with many other incredible talents in illustration, painting, collage art & photography.


Lisa Marie Järlborn, editor of LOVE LOVE Magazine

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