deconstruct & reinvent the COOL



° CURATOR: Henrik Aeshna, a.k.a. EROS EN FEU, St-Germain-des-Prés, Paris * (check out his column BIRDS ORPHANS & FOOLS on this website)

PARIS POETRY/PARIS POETS are part of an independent collective of artists, writers, performers, filmmakers, agitators and adventurers operating in France (TSUNAMI BOOKS PARIS, PARIS SURREALISTE, TSUNAMI MAGAZINE) & around the world, established with the aim of sharing, collecting and eventually publishing both up-and-coming and notorious poets, archictects of desire, dionysian maniacs and lovers, as well as organizing events, anthologies and translations.

PARIS POETRY has appeared in many publications around the world, and has promoted and/or shared events in art centers, galleries, hotels, and public spaces, and our goal is to create a platform for innovative writers, thinkers, philosophers, musicians, and artists; through a kaleidoscope of impressions and sensations, by sharing visions, articles, poems, artworks, and mostly, MAGICk.  

PARIS POETRY loves travels & hotels, cinema, photography, poetry & sound poetry, music, radical art movements & scenes, psychogeography, unclassifiable experiences, the perfume of the wild & far-off environments as well as the magick convulsion of big urban centers.

Having said that, PARIS POETRY’s elementary wish is both to deconstruct & reinvent the COOL.


We contain all the passions
and all the vices
and all the suns and stars,
chasms and heights,
trees, animals, forests, streams.
This is what we are.
Our experience lies
in our veins,
in our nerves.
We stagger.
between grey blocks of houses.
On bridges of steel.
Light from a thousand tubes
flows around us,
and a thousand violet nights
etch sharp wrinkles
in our faces.

(George Grosz, c. 1919) 

  • Henrik Aeshna’s artshow « SCHIZOPoP MANIFESTO – TANTRIK ALCHEMY OF DAILY LIFE » was exhibited at Theatroom/Cité du Midi-Pigalle, Paris, in 2012, and he has organized/engaged in diverse performances, manifestations and participations at Palais de Tokyo, Louvre Museum, Halle Saint Pierre, Les Trois Baudets, Mona Bismarck American Center, and La Miroiterie (Paris), Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club and Southbank Centre (London), and Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam), among others.


PARIS PARALLÈLE is a creation of Henrik Aeshna/Eros en Feu © All rights reserved.

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